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Get ready to walk through the Clarity Portal with me!

Together we will examine all aspects of your business and create a plan that brings the structure, balance and ease you are seeking.

The ultimate goal in the CLARITY PORTAL is that we give you back your time and energy to do the things you are truly great at.

The topics covered in our session will be:

- Assess what is working + what isn't.
- Organize, determine and schedule in tasks that need implementation + monitoring.
- What needs to be let go of or shelved.
- Which assets you would like to formalize or digitize.
- Mobilize projects that need to be brought past the idea stage into planning and executing.
- Plan to complete or close any lingering projects.
- Visualize and chart what the next week, month, 6 months, 1 year, and 3 years look like.
- Formulate a plan to schedule and delegate tasks + hire team members to support, complement and align with the vision.  

To prepare for the Clarity Portal:

* Please make a list of the parts of your business that require attention, organization, structure, delegation, and more clarity. (Be exhaustive, even if you know that only you can do it).

** If this serves you, start to formulate the vision of who you become with clarity.  What do you get to do more of in your business?  What do you get to do less of?  How do you feel?

Get ready to become a refreshed version of yourself.  The Clarity Portal is a gateway to this new you!

I'm so excited to collaborate and bring energy to your desire for more clarity, time, and ultimately more ease in your life and business!

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