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Til death do us part... maybe

I love vows. I have many. I think they are an integral part of a person committed to being their best self.

A vow anchors in your intentions, like a modern day Abracadabera used in its original fashion (which translates from Hebrew as "I will Create as I Speak").

Here are some examples of my personal vows:

"I vow to create and maintain a lifestyle that supports and promotes my health and a strong immune system to the highest degree. I will make deliberate and mindful choices to lower my stress and increase my joy as this promotes a healthy immune system. I will custom tailor my choices to my uniqueness, with the intention of being my best, most productive self."

To the community:

"I vow to be the best version of myself within the community. I will make personal choices that affect the community in a positive way. I will approach my daily life and interactions from the standpoint: How does this (any action I'm about to take) serve and benefit the whole?"

And when it comes to relationship or marriage vows, it's time to be more realistic and heart-centered. Toss out the old 'til death do us part' and say things that are actually meaningful and dare I say truthful. Like: I vow to look at an issue that arises between us as something to tackle together, "us against the problem", rather than me against you.

I encourage everyone to make vows to yourself and to your partner, to the community and the world at large. Renew them daily, quietly. Renew them loudly once a month, perhaps to create an intimate ritual of appreciation. Review them on a monthly basis to make sure you are in alignment with your intentions and if you've found a new way to love, update them to reflect your evolution.

This is a clipped version of the vows I made to my partner:

I promise to wake up everyday and tune into my best self.

I vow to make my happiness, my job.

I promise to be as much fun as I can in any given moment.

I vow to laugh as often as I am physically capable.

I promise to always be seeking creative endeavors with you and without you to make the planet, myself, you and other selves experience more joy, content and freedom.

I will honor your soul expression and path to the highest degree.

I will honor my soul expression with integrity and follow through on those impulses that lead me, us, to joy.

I will be consistently transparent, honest and communicate openly with you.

When I'm feeling confused, angry or in despair, I will do my best to communicate my feelings and do my personal, internal work that is required.

When I'm feeling loving, appreciative and sensual, I promise to share those feelings with you.

When making vows, think of the best possible person you can be with realistic standards. Think of the relationship going forward and how much you want to enjoy it with your person.

Write them down and share them with your partner. It will build incredible intimacy that can only grow.


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