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Program Details

I truly believe every man has a powerful lover and leader in him.  I am here to assist in activating and supporting all men towards healthy, satisfying relationships.

4 Week Personalized One-on-One Program with Melissa Bloxham

Total Investment (Starting at $999)

 or Full time Voxer Coaching $1600

Casual and intentional conversation focused on learning who you are, what you intend, what challenges you are facing and what is currently working in your relationship.

We will determine if you are seeking advice and tools to utilize or if you need a non judgmental feminine ear to vent to. A mixture of both may be what you are seeking. Any of these are welcome and I invite you to be clear about your personal intentions. My intention is to facilitate you gaining clarity.  We will map out a personalized schedule with resources + practices suited to your specific needs.

You will have full control of the throttle and how much is shared. I won't push you into going further than what aligns for you at this time. My only suggestion is that for this to be worthwhile for you, that you stay open, open to sharing, open to receiving. We will work on that together. It's going to be the key to everything. I want you to feel invited into deeper understanding. 

I'm not going to teach you how to "be a man". I'm going to relate to you in feminine form, bridging the gap for you to understand why women do the things they do, how to end conflict quicker and how to inspire your partner to be more playful. I consider myself tuned into the feminine and have access to all the emotions, sensuality and energy that it brings, but I am simultaneously rooted in logic. My brain simplifies and uses algebra or formulas for real life scenarios.

My unique approach is to translate the feminine language into something you can understand, manage perpetual conflict and co-create with resulting in deeper intimacy.

As we proceed into each week, we will immerse deeper into the nuances of relationship dynamics and how they are perceived by the feminine.  It'll be like learning all of the features of a luxury vehicle.  Once they are known, you will have more fun and be able to drive it with more skill.

2 Options: Phone Calls (starting at $999) 

or Strictly Voice/Text messaging with Voxer ($1600 - Full time Access)

Week 1

Complimentary 1 hour Discovery Call

If you feel called to continue:

1 Hour One on One (over the phone)

+ 30 min Message/Voxer Check in

Week 2

Two 1 Hour One on One (over the phone)

+ 30 min Message/Voxer Check in

Week 3

Two 1 Hour One on One (over the phone)

+ 30 min Message/Voxer Check in

Week 4

Two 1 Hour One on One (over the phone)

+ 30 min Message/Voxer Check in

8 Hours of One on One Consulting

2 hours of Check in Messaging for additional support.

"Emergency Access" - Message me if in a crucial moment of conflict with your partner and need some support or guidance.

Voxer Option:  No Phone Call sessions. All the work is done over the Voxer App, by voice/text messaging. 

I am bringing:

5 plus years of Personal Research, Education and Embodiment

 condensed into the 4 weeks

I have completed Couple's Therapy Training from the esteemed Gottman Institute

(Level 1)

Result:  A completely transformed understanding of your partner.

 Powerful Conflict tools with immediate results. 

Practices to enhance your connection.

Supportive Communication skills.

A practical blueprint to inspire more playfulness and intimacy in your relationship. 

Payment Schedule or Pay in 2 Installments available

What to Expect

Hey guys! My name is Melissa and I'm a relationship repair and communication specialist!  All topics are welcome, no subject is off limits in regards to your partnership and the life you want to experience.  Think of our time together as a series of deep "bonfire conversations" with a new friend. You know those intriguing, in depth discussions you get into unexpectedly, while relaxed around a cozy fire. We will talk about recurring issues in your primary relationship and how to mitigate them. I will give you repair tools and techniques, scientifically proven to be effective.  We will discuss your goals and make a plan to achieve them. Yes, we will talk about sex.  I will break it down from the female perspective and what turns us on or off.  We can talk about affairs if you've had one, are in one or are considering one.   This is a safe space, rooted in confidentiality and non-judgment.  

I'm looking forward to all the challenges we can overcome and the new discoveries we will make together.  When we work together, it won't feel like "work", I promise.  I will break it down into 4 digestible sections, over 4 transformational weeks. It's going to be fun, engaging + results oriented.   You will leave educated, with tools in the toolkit and able to understand women on a whole new level.

I'm so excited for you to be on your way to a more satisfying relationship with your partner!  

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