Sometimes couples need assistance speaking about certain topics.  The words evade you or the other doesn't understand your perspective when you do speak about it.  It may almost feel like they are doing it on purpose.  My work will be to assist both of you to communicate with clarity.  Communication involves speaking and listening.  Output and input.  Clarity and empathy. When you have trouble finding the words, I will support you to find a more precise and gentle way of delivery that will help your partner better receive what you are saying.  The space we create will be a safe one to say the things that feel challenging.  I will be a neutral mediator that genuinely wants both of you to feel understood.  I am gifted at being able to hear a request or complaint and soothe the other person into hearing it with new, non-defensive ears.  The goal is to nurture what is beautiful between you already and build upon the issues that feel sensitive or unresolved.  

I am trained by The Gottman Institute in Couples Therapy, one of the world's leading relationship research organizations.  My approach is based around many of their fundamentals and we can use their evidence backed rituals to repair and restore a relationship that has been broken or damaged by betrayal or years of communication erosion if it aligns with your intentions.

Loving Couple


For couples that want to stay together but are finding it difficult to discuss perpetual issues. The goal is to learn how to listen better, communicate effectively and understand each other with more clarity.

Repair Mediation is geared towards couples but can be used in any circumstance.  If you are having difficulty communicating with an employee but wish to maintain the relationship or if you are in conflict with a family member and don't know how to talk to them, mediation is an effective tool to have civil conversations.  Both parties will be heard and both parties will be coached on how to effectively communicate their ideas, thoughts and feelings.  The goal is to maintain love, comradery, respect and friendship while having the difficult conversations.

Each session is $200 - Between 1 and 1.5 hrs. 

(Recommended number of sessions for an effective experience is 4)

Therapy session