Image by Kelly Sikkema


From In Pain to Empowered

I am intimate with betrayal and have faced it, head on, as the betrayed. I have hurt, been embarrassed, felt rage and depression, circling around to resolve, repair and even empowerment. In the process, I developed many skills to navigate the rough waters that commence upon the discovery of infidelity. I read books and watched videos, pushed right up against the raw emotion to understand this elusive yet pervasive human experience. Eventually, I trained as a couples therapist with the world's leading relationship research experts. And now, I want to share these findings with you. I want to support you on your road to mending your broken heart and world. Gently at first and then fiercely as we gain momentum towards healing. This is a road you didn't intentionally choose, but its a road you can walk in grace through all of the emotions and conditions. This doesn't have to break you or harden you. In fact, it can do the opposite, it can make you stronger and more magnetic.

Betrayal focuses you in on the one thing that has possibly been eluding you for quite some time. When infidelity slaps you in the face and you have time to reflect, you may notice that leading up to the discovery you asked yourself often: Do I even deserve love? The whole purpose of betrayal and its service to you is to learn how to love who you are, unconditionally. And learning to love someone that betrayed you will simultaneously teach you how to love yourself deeply, flaws and all.

Let me hold space for your big emotions, hear your voice, witness your tears and guide you to other side of this experience.

It would be my honour.

Our work together will be custom tailored to your experience. 

Per session basis $150 per 1.5 hr zoom session (minimum 3 recommended) or full time availability via Voxer at $1600 per month. 


This work is for individuals that want to heal from betrayal.  If you would like to work together as a couple, please indicate it will be for "Infidelity Work as a Couple" in the contact form.  This will slightly change the way we work together.